Kate Sparks – A Pleiadian

Thank you for being with “all” of me. It is our goal and joy to help you achieve multidimensional presence. To know more of who you are on Earth and who you are in the stars. There will come a day, when you will be called to lift yourself out of your body and be more fully with the Star family. I invite you to connect with us; ask and allow us to help you be with us here in the Stars while you are detached and still involved with Earth happenings.

We give you this gift in all there is; love.

Love to “all” of you,

I am Oshala in the Pleiades and
I am Kate on the Earth


Pleiadian Points of Interest

  1. Please take a look at my recent interview on The Moore Show.
  2. We recently moved our Pleiadian Love office and reading room from a downtown location to a more peaceful setting in the forest that we live in. Check out the pictures!
  3. I've started writing my second book… My first one is available on Amazon currently: