Pleiadian Love Gateway

Kate and her husband, David, founded the Pleiadian Love Gateway as a place for starseeds and light workers to strongly connect with their higher selves and like-minded others. Here we help starseeds in their third-dimensional lives and work together for their personal ascension as well as assisting the planet’s.

The Center is connected to the Pleiades through a corridor of light. It is located on the lighted, sacred Spruce Mountain in Prescott, Arizona.

In this space, Kate offers spiritual readings and energetic healings for individuals and groups. The readings and healings can be conducted in any part of the center including the tipi or medicine wheel. 

Here are some pictures of the Pleiadian Love Gateway.


The Heart

Pleiadian Corridor

The GatewayPleiadian Corridor


The Landing Deck

The View from the Landing Deck

The Landing DeckThe View from the Landing Deck

The Receiving Room

The Outdoor Reading Room 

The Receiving RoomThe Outdoor Reading Room
The Tipi at Noon

The Spirit Room

The Tipi at NoonThe Spirit Room
The Pleiadian Presence

The Pleiadian Spheres of Light

The Pleiaidian PresencePleiadian Spheres of Light
The Grand Dining AreaThe Great Room
The Grand Dining AreaThe Great Room

What It’s All About